Let us immerse your contacts in what you do

Experiential. It’s the best way to move closer to your consumers and clients. It’s the best way to sell.

At Equinox, we create unique events and experiences that emotionally connect with consumers and build long-term brand engagement.

We’ve set up VR for surgeons try out the latest surgical equipment, and we’ve set up augmented reality experiences about aviation connectivity that really wow people.

Useful, interesting, relevant and desirable

Making people do things at your event or your location brings you to life.

And it excites the very people you want to connect with. Experiential marketing gets to the heart of what motivates people.

We provide you with what you need to make you useful, interesting, relevant and desirable.

It’s the perfect way to delight, provoke, challenge, inspire, and motivate.


And we do it to produce the objectives that you want to achieve.  We make things immersive, and get you tangible results.

It’s a fast-moving technical age we live in and it’s easy to think that you’re moving with the times.

But the truth is, just as you’re learning about a latest piece of interactive technology on the block, another one has come along and overlapped it.

This is where we come in.  We stay one step ahead, and know the latest experiential trends.

Make them a part of it

Whether it’s a few swipes and taps on an iPad, creating a game, immersing your visitor in some sort of virtual reality or hosting a lavish event where those in attendance are part of the overall buzz is going to get you talked about and remembered for a long time.

Creating a feeling, sometimes an adrenaline rush is the biggest form of impression that you can give.

Sometimes it’s surprising.  Ever thought of bringing the circus to an event with you? Or turning a staircase in to a piano? We have.

And it’s those kind of impressions that stay with your customer, and make them intrigued and hungry for more of you.

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