Events. Marketing. Film. Media. Branding. Animation. Art Direction.

The need to create inspiring, informative and captivating visual communications has never been as great as it is today.

Whether your event is in person, virtual or hybrid, digital communicates your brand message directly to your target audience.

Live Events

Nothing beats bringing people together, in person, that’s why we work with you to create the best digital elements to tell your brand story, no matter the event.

Enhance your pre-trade show experiences, conferences, exhibitions and product launch events, with digital.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Ensure your clients and target audience can attend your event, no matter their location. Blending the best of physical and virtual events for a seamless brand experience.

Our team works with you to create both a physical and virtual brand presence for your event.

Digital Marketing

We’re living in a heavily led technological age, and we’re all breathing in the latest in digital phenomenon. By the time we’ve swiped on that a few times and breathed out, something new has come along.

Equinox Digital not only embrace, but champion all forms of digital media. When you need an interactive touch screen, an iOS or Android app, a computer game or a high-end immersive digital experience; or whether you’re just not sure what digital stuff you need we create objective-led functional and cool digital content.

With digital your captive audience aren’t only educated, they enjoy what the brand experience too.

Film & Media

Video is the most consumable way of getting your message across, but it’s all about the content and production.

Our team craft high quality, compelling film and short form content. We tell your story in a way that captures attention, is memorable, and creates true brand engagement.

Branding & Identity

We either harness your brand and keep it safe, or we can create your brand from your idea.

Either way, we also take it to levels that you never thought you could take it, reach the eyes and minds of everyone you need to be noticed by.

Whether it be Typography, Illustration, Photography, Iconography, Layout Systems or everything else, Equinox Digital will make you stand out from the crowd.

It’s not just your logo.  It’s your complete look and feel.


A great way to tell your story is by the method of animated video.  It’s a likeable format that shows the human side of your business, and communicate the most complex of ideas in an easy-to-digest manner.

Animated video is a rich, engaging medium, which is easy-to-manage, and help your key messages pop!

We’re finding that people are increasingly using animation in their explainer videos, which can often be dry and difficult to watch.  A cartoon type of film can elevate those messages to a more engaging level.

Art Direction

We work alongside you to get the best look and outcome for what you need to achieve. We treat your business like we treat Equinox Digital. With love, care and attention.

We create incredible things, and when we say “we”, we’re talking about a team of three:

  • You
  • Us
  • Your brand guidelines.

A project is never complete until the three of us are happy.

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