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It's all about objective led exhibition stands and solutions...

Working across over 35 countries, Equinox partners a diverse range of clients across multiple industries. Each year we create over 350 exhibition stands, 50 events and 20 interior fitouts for leading companies.

Every brand is different, so every project should be different too… However, the way we deliver a project remains the same. At Equinox, it’s not just about looking pretty at exhibitions. We look at what you’re trying to achieve, then we build the event or stand to meet your specific objectives. From the moment that we formulate the brief with you, to the moment we deliver, we look at all angles to make sure we hit the mark.

Whether your objective is to build brand presence, launch a new product and shout it from the rooftops, or simply show existing clients that you’re still the best; Equinox creates the solution.


With today’s software it’s easy for agencies to provide you with great visuals, but do they think through how it’s all going to work? That’s the skill!

Our design process doesn’t start with the drawing board it starts around a table. We discuss your objectives and then find the best solutions for you before designing the real thing.

The Same Love and Attention No Matter How Big or Small

Yes, we do big…but we also do small. At Equinox we believe that any client who invests in space at an exhibition deserves the best service. Many of our clients that now invest in large exhibition stands and multiple venue contracts started with us when they only had small stands at a single show. After all when you start exhibiting you tend to dip your toe in the water first. Having a company that provide exhibition management as well as amazing exhibition design is an added advantage.

The flexibility and diversity of our offering ensures we can provide the best creative solution through our exhibition design, combined with great marketing ideas and engaging experiences that culminate in a final end result tailored to meet your budget!

Project Management

Whether it’s a 1000sqm double decker in Las Vegas or a pop up kit at a conference, it needs someone to smother it with care and attention from concept to creation.

Behind every successful project there is a devoted manager who knows every nook and cranny of an event or exhibition, so everything comes together like a finely tuned clock.

All our project managers are homegrown and have had the experience of working in events and exhibitions at all levels, providing infinite knowledge and understanding that will help your event be a success.


Our 20 strong studio team consists of some of the UK’s most talented creatives and draftsmen. But don’t just take our word for it; our reputation for being innovators in design has won many awards and accolades over the years.

Our in-house 2D and 3D studios are the envy of many of our competitors. Adopting new technology both structurally and digitally is what keeps us fresh.

It allows us to set design trends in the events arena that others then follow.

Production & Installation

It’s not just MDF and paint! Our in-house manufacturing plant is constantly breaking boundaries.

By introducing the latest CNC technology, tooling and finishing rooms, we’ve increased the capacity of what we can achieve and pushed the boundaries of what can be built to new heights, while still keeping costs down.

Everything we build is expertly crafted by the best people in their trade.  People that we’ve worked hard to bring in to a workforce that we’re proud of.


We’re not afraid to admit, we’re total control freaks! That’s why we can’t leave the delivery of our exhibition stands to anyone else.

Our own vehicle network has the ability to span the globe. Whether it’s a small van to Birmingham or an articulated lorry to Oslo; you can be rest assured it’s in one of our vehicles with one of our staff all the way.

This is rare in the industry, but for us it’s a crucial part of the job.

Scale and location has never been an issue. We’ve worked in every major arena across the globe. With offices in North America, the Middle and Far East, Equinox has the ability to manage an event worldwide. In addition to this, we are happy to arrange the travel of clients to attend events.

And when the event is over your lovingly crafted components can be safely stored in our own in-house facility, until next time!

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