It was a brief that landed in Equinox’s lap; and when it did, we knew we had to pitch for this job.

It came from Yggdrasil, the online gaming giant, and they wanted something amazing. Something leftfield. They wanted something that nobody else at ICE Gaming 2019 would even dare think about having.  And that kind of thing was right up our street.

A carnival. A circus. A mixture of the two. Inside an exhibition hall.


We’re well known for having the best design team in the business at Equinox, and when we sat down to scope out the project, some cool and ingenious ideas went down on the paper.  This brief excited us, more-so because we got to totally smash through boundaries.

We travelled to London to meet the Yggdrasil team, and we found out that we were the last company to go in and meet them at the end of a busy, tiring week.  We’d already themed up our proposition so it became more than just a presentation, and armed ourselves with an overall pitch concept that we absolutely loved.  We wanted Yggdrasil to love it too. But last on the list meant that we had to shine. We had to be on our game. But we had confidence in everything we’d designed and prepared to speak to them.


“It was like we’d switched on a light”

And during the pitch, it was like we’d switched on a light.  We presented ourselves and our concept to them and they were wowed by what we showed them. The room suddenly became a little hive of energy on both sides, with one of the Yggdrasil team saying “…it’s as if you’ve been inside my mind!”

We left everything on the table and let the team back at HQ know we couldn’t have done anymore.

All the effort and brilliant creative work Team Equinox had done had paid off, and they awarded the job to us.  We were thrilled to win the work, and it was now that we needed to come in to our own.

The Stand

The circus-come-carnival theme had to have an old, somewhat weird feel to it – but not be scary.  A sinister circus of sorts!

It had to make people notice it and take a different path to see what this completely different structure was. The fun element had to be cleverly tied in to interactive game play, with customers signing up to play games, and we had to incorporate three private meeting spaces, a refreshment bar and a ‘Lions Den’ to hear concept pitches to Yggdrassil’s board in to the fun.

And by using treated timber, high-quality printed fabrics, thousands of lights and over 500 hours of build time, Team Equinox created an eye-catcher.  Created something unique, with nothing anywhere like it in either of the full north or south halls.


Revolving cogs on the front wall, and a team of circus performers entertained crowds that had assembled with magic, stilt walking, snakes and encouraged them to jump on to the stand and play their games.  A strong man had visitors testing their strength with a hammer and high striker, with prizes going to the best of the best.

The stand screamed fun to everyone who passed it. Compliments from passers-by, rival firms and anyone associated with the show proved that Equinox had done a great job.  When we had chance to take a breather, we looked at it and just thought ‘wow’.  We’d done what we’d set out to achieve and we were rightly proud.

Seeing the Yggdrasil team and their clients enjoying their surroundings told us all we needed to know.

ICE Gaming VIPs

Even after the show closed, we extended Yggdrasil’s show presence by creating a circus tent just outside the ExCeL for their special guests for a VIP after party on the first two days.  It took the theme of the stand even further in to the early hours of the evening.  And people had obviously loved the stand as the by-invite-only circus tent was rammed. These after-shows don’t always have the uptake a client hopes for!

But we’d definitely created a memorable experience for those who attended ICE, and the Yggdrasil stand had success written all over it.  Every member of the Equinox team, right from the pitch though to the design, the build and the pull-out, had done an amazing job.  The final results were something that we took immense pride in.

With over 33,000 visitors through its doors, and over 8,500 operators from over 150 countries, ICE London is the biggest gaming show in the world.

And we’re sure we designed and built the most talked about exhibition stand at London’s ExCeL for a very long time.

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