Visit England

At Equinox we have worked with a wide range of organisations and delivered some amazing projects, but when a brief lands on your desk carrying the stamp for 10 Downing Street, you certainly take it seriously!

The event was the ITLM Shanghai, China. And the brief was short and concise - ‘Make Britain look good’. No pressure there then! When we read a little further we learned that ITLM stands for International Tourism and Leisure Market and we would be tasked with working alongside VIsit England with some of the most prestigious British brands we have such as Aston Martin, British Airways, Wimbledon and Virgin Atlantic to name just a few. It was a fantastic opportunity to show off our skills in an international arena and to liaise with such a high-profile client list.

The brief included space for 20 partner stands for the Visit England British pavilion, so we needed to come up with a design that was generic enough to work across all the brands, but that would still provide cut-through to stand out from the competition. Whilst honing the modular design to be used across the piece, we had 20 different marketing managers to please – no small feat. All the hard work was worth it though when Equinox received an email from the Prime Minister’s marketing director saying, “I am gobsmacked (in a good way) by the branding at ITLM – best I have seen yet!” As client feedback goes, it doesn’t get much better than that!