What a great opportunity to work with such an iconic brand as Samsung. We wanted to get to know them and really understand what they were looking for.

Beauty is more than skin deep. So interactive display walls not only showcased the client’s products, but also showed how top technology could work in real time. Using touch technology we allowed visitors to explore what mattered to them, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Using multimedia and great opportunities for face to face interaction, (not to mention fabulous concepts on numerous occasions,) our designs took in all of the client’s needs giving them, “ our best show ever” time after time. Stands have been so successful they have travelled to other shows across Europe.

What more can be said? Well that’s where it usually stops. But we took it one step further. We looked at what worked and what didn’t and made recommendations to Samsung for the next events.

Each time improving the client’s presence and ROI.

As is the norm here at Equinox each project was designed, built and project managed in-house. Even more impressively the whole process took less than three months from start to finish. Logistically a feat in itself, but also testament to the strength in depth of staff and facilities we have to hand at our Leeds premises.