Euroshop @ Dusseldorf Messe Germany, known as ‘The Global Retail Trade Fair’ happens every three years and for the past 12 years it’s been Equinox’s pleasure to work with PERSPEX at this, the world’s largest retail trade fair.

Three major requirements centred around the initial brief.

  • Firstly to raise the brand profile of Perspex, with the launch of its new corporate id and website.
  • Secondly, to showcase the depth and breadth of the PERSPEX range, in practical engaging creative situations, capturing the flexibility and durability of this multipurpose sheet material.
  • Thirdly and key to this year’s exhibition was to appeal to visual communicators within the design sector, those exhibition, industrial & product designers, architects, graphic designers, fabricators & sign makers, with a view to showcasing new products that can be used in all these industries.

One issue was to provide an initial challenge to the creative team, “how do you create signage without words?” so as not to overshadow the main brand and website address.

Following numerous ideas involving symbols and shapes we hit upon using numbers, drawing reference from those iconic Channel 4 indents. Numbers and the manufacture of, lead us to design and fabricate seven feature back lit signs. Through the creative use of scale, suspending, wall mounting and freestanding these monolithic numbers, we were able to tell the PERSPEX story, showcasing a different cool finish or fabricated item at each location all had a touch of Equinox flair, providing our peers and contemporaries with little bit of design inspiration along the way!