London at MIPIM

MIPIM is the premier real estate event that attracts influential visitors from all sectors of the international property industry.

London MIPIM 2019

It’s been an exciting few years for investment, regenration and opportunty in the capital of England.

And the City of London and its partners wanted Equinox to help them transmit the message that the creative energy of the city is driven by its history, culture and diversity.  And behind the stereotypical Union Jacks and Beefeaters was a progressive and innovative place.

When people arrived to the stand and it came to networking, the outdoor pavillion was stunning. Not only did it give that great first impression; it was the place to talk business, investment, and to just sample a nice coffee and catch some rays.

It brought about a continental flavour to the stand, which suited the environment. It also subtly reminded people that London is a multi-cultural city, which offers everything for everyone.

London MIPIM 2019
London Mipin 2019 Equinox

Inside, and in a London Transport kind of way, we split the stand in to zones. Each partner could showcase what they’d done, what they were doing, or what they provide.

One area that we showcased was Croydon.  An up and coming ‘creative campus’ that has benefitted from regenration. We tastefully shouted out that when investment happens, and so do results.

Containing London’s largest youth population, we designed an eye-catching area with a look and feel that had Youth Culture in mind.  We installed a number of interactive pieces of tech, and ensured that bold key messages were easy to read and absorb at a glance.

One of the focal points on the stand was the Eastenders-like map of the capital. It was in fact installed as an interactive digital platform that allows planners, developers and architects look at sight lines and visualise the London of the future.

It was a stunning feature to intergrate in to the project and people stopped to ponder what it was all about.  They also searched for buildings they were familiar with, and asked questions about structures they didn’t recognise.

London MIPIM 2019
London MIPIM 2019

Between showcasing the partner offerings, and informing visitors how much investment had gone in to the city; scale models were in abundance at MIPIM.

On view were a fine selection of London landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, The Shard, Wembley Stadium and the ‘Walkie Talkie’. Someone even found their house!

We created areas and selected locations to nicely display models, whilst ensuring there was a nice flow for people to wander between the more informative areas to the more aesthetic ones.

The London stand at MIPIM celebrated the city’s unique qualities through enhanced physical and digital presence.  It was befitting of the great capital city than London is, and ensured that London and partners succesfully reached out and conntected with an international audience.

London MIPIM 2019
London MIPIM 2019
London MIPIM 2019
London MIPIN 2019
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