Leeds Teaching Hospitals Vaccination Centre

In late December 2020, the Equinox Group took on the challenge to design, develop and deliver the Covid-19 vaccination centre at Elland Road for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A team effort

With a tight deadline of just three weeks, the Equinox team put all hands to the deck to help this local project.

Starting with designing a citizen journey which had to accommodate thousands of people every day going through the vaccination process in thirty minutes, the team worked closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals to ensure the experience was optimised for efficiency and safety.

All of Equinox’s in-house abilities were put to work, Design, Build, Installation, Networking, Electrics, Lighting, Wayfinding & Graphics, Flooring, Services and Logistics. Equinox even installed the Back-up Power and Building Signage.

“It has been humbling and energising to have worked alongside the different facets of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals and see all the staff come together with the knowledge, passion and drive to turn this project around in just under 3 weeks.” – Dan Criscione, co-Director at Equinox Group.

One of the largest centres in the country, the vaccination centre opened exclusively to vaccinate key workers before opening two weeks after to the general public. Over 460,000 vaccines have been administered to the local area from the Elland Road site.

Equinox returned to site in April 2022 to complete the project with the disassemble the vaccination centre.
A truly humbling experience, we are proud to have assisted the NHS with the national effort across various sites but even more so to have assisted with the vaccination programme in our home city.

It will be a period of our corporate history we will never forget.

“Thank you so much for your solid commitment, dedication, support and professionalism, in simply getting the job in hand done.
Your contributions to the Covid vaccination programme has been fantastic.” – Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Elland Road Vaccination Centre designed by Equinox

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