The brief to Equinox was simple, ‘Provide a consolidated solution for FujiFilm’s expansive Graphics Systems business, across its entire European exhibiting programme for the forthcoming years’.

The stand needed to be bold, yet sophisticated, corporate, yet colourful. It needed to appeal to two audiences. It should be flexible enough to showcase the story of FujiFilm’s innovation in ink technology at major international shows, but it also had to communicate products to a more regional audience at exhibitions for local printers and sign makers.

Modular with a capital ‘M’ was the way forward, allowing for sections to be used in multiple configurations for FujiFilm. It would provide the flexibility to exhibit high end business presses and their amazing print capabilities right through to providing a corporate hospitality stand.

We looked to the retail sector for our inspiration, researching imagery and how it could be displayed. We thought about everything from the use of coloured lighting to create mood and atmosphere, to the need for clear and consistent 'on message' signage.

Space planning let us perfect and refine the balance between functionality and visual effect. Creating an overarching brand image was key. Whatever or wherever the event the message needed to be clear. Using a modular approach Fujifilm had a solution that was flexible, adaptable and economical.