Raising awareness and communicating important messages doesn’t always have to be done in a formal way.

In fact these days, if you're too dry with your audience they often end up remembering someone else...

So, step forward Ecolab, who wanted us to work with them and deliver a stand with an important focus on hand hygiene, but give people a memorable visit to their stand.

It was all about #stopgelgo. Hand Hygiene, infection prevention and best practice.

They wanted visitors to go away remembering what Ecolab are say and do…

With a little bit of gamification and a bit of social media activity thrown in to the mix, we created some fun. And with that fun came education.

The hand-hygiene monster, based on a blob of hand-hygiene gel, beckoned visitors over to Ecolab and greeted them as they looked at this cool, intriguing and bright exhibition stand that we’d designed and built.

Here, they could have their photo taken with the monster via a specially created GDPR compliant app that we developed.

Ecolab would then email it to them straight away (after collecting that all important data), and could also tweet the image directly from the app if they wanted.  We’d set up pre-determined text and hashtags for the tweet to save time – but these could be edited in real time if required to avoid their timeline becoming too repetative.

Keeping up the fun-meets-education factor, people also had the chance to a win prize.

On each day of the show, Ecolab had a star prize of an iPad to give away, and we made a huge, interactive hand hygiene gel dispenser with an in-built screen to help them do this. When the visitor pressed the button, the screen rotated through a number of prizes – landing on one of six prizes.  Everyone wanted a piece of it!

And where does the education come in?  Well, in order to press the button for a chance to win, visitors had to answer questions about hand-hygiene with the Ecolab team.

But in the pharmaceutical industry, many people just want the facts and the detail, so of course, we factored the more serious and to-the-point elements in to the stand too.

Pain points and products were tastefully and clearly displayed, with information that could be absorbed quickly and easily.  It was important that it was presented in a clean and fresh way, to compliment the rest of the stand, and we nailed that.

The stand was the talk of the show, and every other exhibitor at IPS were left feeling #wellgel of how good Ecolab’s looked.

Ecolab IPS monster
Ecolab IPS
Ecolab IPS
Ecolab IPS
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