Equinox - The World Cup Challenge - Group H

Our final piece in the Equinox World Cup Challenge looks at the nations in Group H. Out of all the 32 teams in this years competition, we now know how many countries we've done work in…

Equinox World Cup challenge

Group H

Four countries. Four continents. The final group in this years’ World Cup gives us Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

It’s a low scoring group for us, as we haven’t built a stand in either Poland, Senegal or Colombia.

However, when it comes to Japan, we’ve got a pretty decent record, with important builds.  Every couple of years there’s the Sea Japan show, Tokyo.  It was only last April when we completed our last project there, and we have yet another repeat client who uses Equinox for that show.

With that, Group H sees us with our lowest score out of the eight groups, and brings our challenge to an end.

And how have we done?

Well, out of the 32 countries, we’ve completed projects in 19 of them, and are on the verge of clinching our first job in another (we’re including that) so we make that 20.  There are 12 countries that we haven’t built a stand in yet.

Nations like Italy, The Netherlands, America and UAE surprisingly didn’t qualify for the finals this year, so with that we think that doing work in 20 of the qualifying countries is pretty good.

Although we’re based in the UK, we operate across the globe and cover over half a million miles a year working on stands and booths at hundreds of trade shows. We do it all ourselves, the design, the transport, the onsite build, the dismantling, the bringing it home and the storage.

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